An office job is unhealthy, get moving!

Flop on the couch after a busy day at home? Nothing at all. Good for your rest, but not for your health! You spend a large part of the day at work, at the office or somewhere else. For many, this means many hours behind a desk and little movement. Plunging out on the couch also increases the chance of becoming lifeless. However, the risks are even greater. Recently, Swedish research showed that sitting for a long time increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer by 50 percent. Reason enough to take action with these tips to get more exercise every day.

The gym is not the solution

What is shocking is that the health risk hardly diminishes with weekly exercise and / or exercise. The only solution is to sit less, move more and be more active on a daily basis. At work, in front of the TV or wherever. How do you do that?

Tips for exercising more every day

In the beginning it is difficult to break your normal pattern and start moving more. Certainly at work. But with these tips it turns out not to be too bad and more exercise is easily achievable. Also during your work! Moving for two minutes every half hour is enough.

  • Cycle or walk to work. Is the distance a little too long? Consider an electric bicycle or get off a station earlier and walk the rest.
  • Just Google on ‘workouts behind the desk’ and you will find useful exercises that you can do unobtrusively.
  • Purchase a motion meter and measure your activity and how many calories you burn throughout the day. Take on challenges with colleagues, that is extra motivating. Companies even purchase motion meters for their employees.
  • Get up and walk away when you call. This is also more pleasant for your colleagues; they don’t have to hear all conversations.
  • Go to the toilet on another floor.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
  • Always get your own drinks and do not let colleagues do this.
  • Use a small cup or glass so that you have to walk more to fill it. And serve your colleagues once in a while.
  • Walk to colleagues instead of sending an email. In addition, contact with colleagues also appears to be happier.

Talk to your employer

By exercising more, you not only stay healthy and fit longer. Not only do you benefit if you feel happier, more active and more alert. Your employer also benefits from this. You (and your colleagues?) Have more energy. There is a good chance that the absence will decrease. Talk to your employer about healthy options at your workplace. For example, the purchase of movement meters or a bicycle plan. When purchasing electric bicycles, for example via the National Bicycle Plan, the Tax Authorities contribute to your electric bicycle (the benefit can be up to 52%!). Of course you can also opt for a tough city ​​bike or transport bike . The only condition for your employer is that he offers the National Bicycle Plan to the employees.