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Patient-Care Technologies to Address the Needs of a Diverse Patient Population

Some of the health information technology available today are primary systems aimed at decision support, electronic health records, and computerized provider order entry. These systems are used for electronic documentation, order entry, management of results, and administrative purposes. The research team from Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center found out that health information technology improved quality […]

Ebola, A Global Health Crisis

The Ebola virus caused worldwide health scare. According to the World Health Organization, the Ebola virus disease is severe and fatal for humans with an average fatality rate of 50%. The virus originates from animals in the wild and then gets transmitted to humans and spreads through human-to-human transmissions when there is direct contact to […]


One reader sent me this question: “By far the most important thing to happen to intelligence since the end of the Cold War is technological advancement.” Is this claim accurate? Why or why not? Here is The Hacking Cough’s response: Technological advancements alone do not always assure us of success. For example, there were heavy […]