Sexual attraction: Bullshit or miracle cure? 5 facts hard facts

What is a Sex Hormone?

Sex hormones are substances that make the male and female reproductive systems work together in the body to make the baby. For example, a man's sex hormone levels increase in the summer to make his body more ready to bear a child. When the levels drop in the winter, he needs to make sure he has enough energy to get through the winter. Sex hormones play a critical role in making a baby, and when they get too low, the baby may not be able to develop properly. In addition to making the human body strong, hormones help with everything from regulating blood sugar to regulating sperm production.

How Sex Hormones Work

Most people will get pregnant at least once during their life. However, not all women are able to get pregnant at a regular interval. The most common type of infertility is called azoospermia. When a woman's eggs don't develop properly, she is unable to have a child. Most women with this type of infertility have some type of hormone problem that is responsible. This is why the symptoms of the male reproductive system can appear very similar to women's.

When hormones make a man fertile, he develops sperm. The body can make sperm in a variety of ways.

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