Skin tightening: Bullshit or miracle cure? 5 facts hard facts

If you don't know which products to use, I have created an interactive chart to help you find the best products.

It is a small, but very helpful tool that will help you understand and choose the right products.

To find your products, you can use the "Product Search" page or by entering your zip code. To find the right product, I recommend you look at the label or look at the product pictures.

How to Make Skin Tight: The 2-Step Process

This is how to make your skin tighter. First, start by removing the products that are causing your skin tightness. To do this, apply a gentle washcloth to your hands, then start pressing into the affected area until there is no longer any excess pressure. After doing this several times, remove the washcloth and allow your skin to rest. After resting for 10 minutes, use a tissue to massage the remaining product out of the affected area. This will loosen up your skin and make it much easier to press down the next time you apply the products.

Do not use a toner, mask, serum or moisturizer in a tight skin area as it can cause you more irritation.

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